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    Zhang Ning wore brown clothes and canvas shoes, looking like a commoner. Liu Xiuxiu wore her black hair in a high bun, wearing a greenish white dress and pink embroidered shoes. She dressed simply but could not hide her beautiful face.

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    Each table is served by eight beautiful maids, with excellent demeanor.

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    Liu Xiuxiu nodded, but then she got discouraged and said: "Even though you can't die of hunger, you should always have a purpose in life. He sat in a rocking chair and basked in the sun all day. What a waste." ."

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    His clothes were full of jewels, and there was something that looked like a monkey's crown, nothing special.

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    saw the tall old man staring at me, stood up from his seat, clasped his hands with Li Qianning and said: “Please also know that we are guests invited by Li Jiaming, and we are also in a hurry to have can sit on Mr. Ly Gia Minh's throne in the future." You are the only person willing to stay at Ninh Vuong Palace because of your status. If Vuong Ninh's position falls into the hands of a child, we will will definitely not be able to suppress us.”

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    Time passed day by day, on Lunar New Year, Zhang Ning took Liu Xiuxiu to see the lanterns and guess the riddle about the lanterns. Soon it will be the sixteenth day of the first lunar month.

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    So this person is definitely not simple.

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    "Master, the seven of us Thien Dinh are willing to let the second young master inherit the position of eldest son, but do you want to ask a junior?"

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    Having finished speaking, Ly Thien Ninh put the small gift box into her large sleeve.

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    The performance of this play is so fake that people cannot help but feel disgusted when watching it.

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    This man has a meaty face, a chubby body, looks like a pig butcher, looks very fierce, but wears a robe, is eating meat and drinking wine, as if reincarnated from another life. starve.

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    Both of them were filled with dark energy, both had the body of a human and the head of an animal, very strange. Ma Mian took out a gold necklace and hooked out General Wang Xiao's soul. General Wang Xiao was a little confused at first, but then he remembered what Zhang Ning said in the past and knew that he has regained consciousness.

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    This confirmed that the ordinary people in this group of dignitaries were Zhang Ning, the prison warden. It was a pity that Zhang Ning had no interest in getting to know the princes of Qi.

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    The excitement in Li Qianning's eyes flashed, but instead of answering old Chongtian, he turned to Zhang Ning and asked, "What do you think, Mr. Zhang?"

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    A family of three sat in the carriage of the person in front. The male lead and the female lead are both in their mid-twenties. The male lead is a bit handsome but has a weak face. Although he is sitting, his posture is not correct, leaning more on the carriage.

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    It's like scratching your armpit, it's so itchy.

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    Be radiant, smile and have fun.

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    “I'll go burn it.” Liu Xiu Xiu discovered that his brother-in-law's face was not very good, so he quickly said. Liu Qiuqiu entered the house with Wang Miaochun holding the tiger's head, while five slaves in the house carried gifts.

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    After Liu Xiuxiu returned home, she went to complain to Liu's mother. Liu's mother was kneeling in front of the weaving loom. Liu Xiu Xiu sat next to Liu's mother, with a bitter look on her face and said: "Mom, it's good that Mr. Truong quit his job as a prison guard. Mom, it's good that Mr. Truong went to jail."

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    Although it was really sad to see orphans and widowed mothers in the longhouse, there was no way to do it.

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    Could it be that I, an orphan and widow, just watched helplessly as the title passed down by my husband and Nguyen Ba fell into Nhi Phuong's hands? Mrs. Cam gritted her teeth and her face turned pale.

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    However, no major figure in Bang Qi spoke up, but Li Qianning's junior, third son, Li Jiading, spoke up first.

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    His clothes were full of jewels, and there was something that looked like a monkey's crown, nothing special.