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    Senior, what are you eating in here that's so delicious? All in all, entering Thien An takes some time, then going to Thien An is a bit tiring. Right now we can't let them face monsters, but let them first get used to the surrounding environment. But when they finished their work, they could smell the fragrance in the air.

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    “But just now, senior Porphyrin didn't say what this place is like, and the teacher also didn't say what dangers will appear in the courtyard, but after we feel tired, we can go back to the courtyard to rest. . The courtyard is a warm home for us, newcomers to the dimension, in this place there will be no monster attacks, and to some extent, we can be sure that our lives will be safe. not threatened." Gan Qian thought, and this happened. Finally, the hand next to the wall was stretched out, she saw something hard stuck into the wall, looking closer, she took out a nail on the wall. It was a whole piece of gray nail, directly peeling off from the finger, being stuck into the wall like this made it feel even more dry.

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    Actually, how can we become enlightened? People in states and districts will normally put on a layer of holy light when encountering such a thing again, as if water and fire were extraordinary, full of justice. However, within a few days, this incident had passed. If they really had this kind of power, they could not help but clasp their hands behind their backs, holding their stomachs to show off their power. This is not the matter of one person. , that is the individual of all states and districts, when they were first born, they had this kind of problem, so what if a money-grubbing official dies, a clique dies? people waiting eagerly behind, and 10,000 dead Yes, there are 100,000 more waiting. The scariest thing is not that the leader of a flock of sheep is a wolf in sheep's clothing, but that the whole flock is one wolf in sheep's clothing. The terrible level really makes people feel scared.

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    Maybe I know... Vuong Han knows what a fart is, now he can only smile bitterly, saying and guessing: "I used to think that the center extracted my computing ability, it was out the soul parts that don't exist." thinking, but now What this center draws out is the actual existence of the part that contains my thinking. That is, the soul plus thinking equals the ability to calculate. If thoughts are to be strong, the soul must be strong. Only here Thoughts can have a carrier, but compared to the difficulty of increasing the mind, the increasing of the soul is very simple, so in many cases, the soul at first glance is very large, but in reality In reality, it's an empty shell with no thoughts, so its computing power is very poor, so if it's really like what I said, then the center is too ferocious... it's really direct. continue to extract this type of object."

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    "I don't know, but your father is very powerful, a very powerful person." After Wang Han finished speaking, he also looked towards Lanning Xiaoxi, "By the way, Lanning."

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    "That's right, so in this extremely low probability situation, we still hope that you can open our eyes and use your own efforts to directly prove that I don't understand. At that time, Whatever you want, I will give it." for you." The tree man teacher looked at the little duck very sincerely, and the little duck left somewhat satisfied.

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    Really? The bird demon was very surprised, "Why didn't I know there was one before? So what is the overall strength of this human powerhouse you say? Has it reached B level?" After asking, it looked at God. The other person looked calm and couldn't help but ask: "Is this human stronger than B level? Has it reached A level?"

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    Lanning Xiaoxi had previously said that she would definitely pass the examination and win some medals. In fact, the medal should be the evaluation point of this Zhanzheng Academy. After registering, each student can take the exam at any time, evaluate these four courses, and complete the exam. After that, the exam will be conducted, starting from the basic limited level R, Then there will be super s level, super limited sr, finally ssr, which is the highest medal, the examination requires additional fees, and in addition to the cost, the shortest time difference between the two times The evaluation is 365 days, so I will evaluate today. If the evaluation does not meet the requirements, I will evaluate again a year later. Wang Han reviewed the whole incident in detail. Regarding the various rules and regulations of Zhanzheng school, he is now a foreigner, so he does not want to directly step on the mine because of his ignorance. You must know that stepping on mines out of ignorance is not entirely worthy of sympathy.

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    His name is Vuong Han. The little girl did not pay attention to her father, her small hands behind her back imitated her father's steps, curiously walked to the side of the iron cage, then turned around to see her father had arrived. Behind her, this man said: "Dad, please explain to him directly. I have some things to ask him. Anyway, what you just said is still a bit unbelievable... Kind of This is the first time this has happened after so many years. ...No one knows what terrifying things your computing power can do to me... So, if I find out that you are deceiving me, I will definitely not agree to go to Phac Can Liet University!"

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    Let us think about this issue for a moment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As far as I can remember, it's a long period of time anyway... Of course there could be some errors, either 10 million years or 20 million years, something like that, but why suddenly Of course, when did the nation appear? Lanning Xiaoxi recalled the history of the country and county she had learned before, Each state and county will require its people to have a general understanding of history, that does not mean remembering the years in detail, month, day, but rather remember the rough itinerary of the entire state and their district, and then create some knowledge of history. The sense of state and county identity is to avoid repeating state and county tragedies. Even though Lanning Xiaoxi is that man's daughter, she still needs to try hard to study, so now after Wang Han's question, she hasn't thought for a long time.

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    don't know... This is the matter of the small country of Atlantis and the county. Our human country and the county are not particularly close, and because we don't have any common aesthetics, we don't have anything in common. festival, so we can only say, after meeting, there is no problem smiling, but in general there will be no behavior like a true friend, let alone such a marriage, finally due to true reproductive isolation... unable to reproduce Lanning Xiaoxi said that when she gave birth, she also secretly looked at Vuong Han. After discovering that there was nothing unusual about Vuong Han, she breathed relieved, then said: "Now that we have met, we should take the initiative. Let me say hello, so that when I do what I do, you can do what I do... Remember that ... Don't use your understanding of human countries and districts to judge the customs of other countries and districts, especially your current strength When the other side is not strong, we must respect other people's customs and traditions, especially when the other party is the royalty of Atlanta County."

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    “Brother.” Lam Ninh Tieu Hi intentionally walked to Vuong Han's side, but after seeing Vuong Han's weakened appearance, she couldn't help but ask: "We haven't seen each other for two months, what's wrong?" been squeezed dry! What are you doing in the room? Your eye sockets are hollow... You look like a dying person about to be freed!"

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    Some people kept complaining about Butuo. They looked at Butuo at this moment as if they were seeing an enemy, and were very unhappy.

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    "There must be a solution!" Lanning Xiaoxi calmed down a bit, then let Wang Han contact Bu Tuo and the others, and at the same time get a number of important person ID lists from Bu Tuo and the others. Lanning Xiaoxi looked ahead at the dozens of lists in hand. , suddenly nodded: "Okay, leave this matter to me, honestly let them study at Phac Can Liet University. I will let my father take care of their family members, rest assured, once they are protected, even if Ly Lo Nguyen is angry, there is nothing they can do, their family members are absolutely 100% safe. "

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    “There is no r-level medal, let me see how you will explain to your family when you return!!” The tree man glared at Vuong Han and left.

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    “Is that so?” Vuong Han smiled and expressed doubts towards the duckling. The duckling's strength cannot only be like that. What kind of thug did he come here to do?

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    In the end, Qianqian went to the arena where Penglai and Wanguchi fought, and the others were not going to Tianhen, but this did not prevent them from going to the arena to watch a little, at least understand a little about this fight .What is the arena situation like in 2010? Even if you don't go to the arena yourself, just stand under the arena and observe the specific battle process. It may be useful for your future practice. Moreover, it's not only Nuo Qianjin and the others who think so, even Qian Qian, who directly registered for the competition, thought so, he wanted to see what the situation was.

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    Okay, so now let's go inspect the office. Vuong Han took it as if you were right, "Quickly let's have a fight, I have something to do later, I want to eat something."

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    YES! Just now they contacted us and said it was completely safe, so we don't need to worry, just rest assured to study at Chien Chinh University! , "What should we do now, Ly Lo Nguyen seems to hate us very much!"

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    During this month, Vuong Han did something extremely important. He first condensed a mannequin in the living room. This mannequin was made of the hardest metal he could currently control. used needles to attack the dummy he condensed, then created a Material Breakthrough, this was the first step in Vuong Han's plan, which was to make the needles themselves so strong that even The needle is very weak, but can still penetrate other people's defenses. Moreover, when this step is almost completed, Vuong Han feels that he will begin to modify the needle more comprehensively, so this process It's a bit like playing chess with yourself... It's very contradictory, but if you can really do this, the final effect will be good.

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    "Yes." Vuong Han replied faintly, the old ancestor of the entire Confederation Prefecture is this guy, it doesn't make any sense for him to hide anything at this time.

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